Sep 23, 2015 1395

emmaEmma survived unspeakable horrors as a young lady. During the genocide in Rwanda, her father, a pastor who loved to preach the gospel, was denounced by jealous fellow pastors. As a result, he and most of her family were murdered.

Today, Emma is a vibrant and loving follower of Jesus. She has no resentment, but instead a boundless enthusiasm for the gospel ever since she discovered it through Des Ford’s book, Jesus Only. Emma said to us,

“I want to do all I can to work with Good News Unlimited so this message can go to all the people of Rwanda. This is my calling from God!”

Emma is now the host of a radio talk back program that is heard throughout Rwanda and the surrounding nations. And as a result of God’s profound calling, and our meeting, she will soon be preaching the gospel on the Unlimited radio program in Rwanda.

This story is just one example we’ve personally seen of broken people being changed and transformed into powerful servants of the gospel through your support of GNU. Thank you!

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