“I Thought That I Would Die But Jesus Gave Me Another New Life”

Feb 16, 2024 1014

“I Thought That I Would Die But Jesus Gave Me Another New Life”

Janaki is from the village of Parnasa, India, and she has accepted Jesus into her life.

She was born into and brought up in a tribal family. All her family members caught rats, snakes and frogs to eat daily. Her ancestors did not know about Jesus. So they died without knowing of Jesus.

When Janaki was 14 years old she married and left her own village and went to a far away tribal village and lived in a hut with her husband. She had one daughter and two sons. One day she became seriously sick and went to hospital and the doctor told her that she must take bed rest for a year. So she did not know what to do. She had never heard about Jesus. 

She got faith in Jesus and started praying.

One day I visited her hut and she was on her bed. I asked her children what had happened. They told me about her sickness and how she had been suffering. Then I prayed over her and shared the Holy Gospel and how Jesus healed many sick people. She got faith in Jesus and started praying. After that she started to pray daily to Jesus. 

After a few days, I went back to her hut and asked her about her health. She said that she was healed completely in the name of Jesus and she had been doing her own work. ‘Thanks to Jesus,’ she said. She is so happy in Christ Jesus. She says,

It is Jesus who healed me. I got faith in him by hearing the Holy Gospel and daily I prayed to him. When I was on my bed I thought that I would die and no longer live here on earth. But it is Jesus who gave me another new life. I am so very thankful to Jesus for the rest of my life.

– Pr Joseph Usala

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