Two Hindu Women Accept Jesus Christ

Sep 2, 2015 2047

These are the testimonies of two Hindu women who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour as a result of our recent visit to India. They are coming regularly to the prayer meetings.

Two Hindu Women Accepted Jesus

Subhamma (L front) and Durga (R) have accepted Jesus Christ through the ministry of Pr Joseph Usala and Good News Unlimited.


I had been worshipping the Hindu idol gods daily, and within me and in my family there was no peace. We had so many personal and financial problems!

When Pastor Joseph has come to my village I asked him to come to my home and pray. Then he prayed and God touched my heart and life. I came to the Good News Unlimited meeting in the village, where I heard Pr Gonzalez preach. After that I removed all the idols from my home. Now I have peace of mind, since I have accepted Jesus into my life. I know that Jesus is the only true God and Saviour. He is the one who gives new life to my family. I thank Pastor Joseph and for the prayer meetings with Good News Unlimited.


I come from a strong Hindu family Even my great, great grandfathers were Hindus. It is amazing for me to think that I could have accepted Jesus into my life, because every morning I would get up and do all the Hindu rituals.

One day a lady told me about Pastor Joseph and his work and prayers. Then I thought that I would see him and talk to him.

So when Pr Joseph next came to my village the next day, the lady brought him to my house. I asked Pr Joseph to pray for my family and for the removal of sufferings, caused by the sickness that I have been facing. Then Pr Joseph prayed for me and my family. I waited for two days but I could not feel that anything had taken place in my life and in my body.

Then I went to the Good News Unlimited meeting and heard the preaching about Jesus. Then I decided to accept Jesus into my life. It was exactly at that time that my sickness and sufferings left me.

On the 27th of August I went to the meeting at the Restoration Good News Centre, and there Pastor Joseph prayed and preached the word of God. Now I love praying to Jesus, and soon I am going to be baptized! Please pray for me. Thank you in name of Christ.

– Supplied by Pr Joseph Usala, Edited by Eliezer Gonzalez

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