Two New Teachers Appointed as Good News Children’s Centre Grows – Nandiwada, India

Jan 9, 2016 1514


Photo caption: Sruthi and Hemalatha are happy in their new positions, and are glad to be able to share the Gospel with the children of the Good News Children Centre. Pr Joseph is on the right.

The number of children at the Good News Children’s Care Centre in Nandiwada, India, is increasing monthly! As a result, two new teachers have been engaged to help the children with their schoolwork, and to teach them about Jesus Christ.

In this village of so-called untouchables, the Good News Children’s Care Centre has been very effective in helping spread the Gospel to the families in the village. The parents of the children have been impressed by the work done by the centre and many families are accepting Christ as their Saviour.

When the Children’s Centre first started, one teacher was appointed to work with the children. But due to the growing number of children at the centre, the need arose for two teachers. The original teacher was no longer able to continue in the position, and so two new teachers needed to be appointed.

By the grace of God, the school has appointed Sruthi and Hemalatha. These women are good teachers who greatly help the children not only with their study, but also in praying, singing and daily Bible readings. They actively share the Gospel with the children daily.

The Good News Children’s Care centre operates before and after school hours, and supports the children with their school work, teaches them the Gospel, as well as helping to feed them.

Good News Unlimited has been sending money to the Children’s Centre so that a teacher can be employed. Although the money was originally given to only one teacher, Sruthi and Hemalatha are now happy to share the money. They say,

This is God’s work, and we are leading the children who did not know about salvation, into Christ. It is a great and wonderful privilege for us to do this at the Good News Children’s Care Centre. As we serve Jesus, we are also learning about Him ourselves, so it is very good for us also. We thank Pastor Joseph and Good News Unlimited who have given us this wonderful chance to do this work for God..

– Ella Rodionoff

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