Sep 8, 2017 2394

UnfairGod will one day make all things right.


Help Spread the Word Fast

Eliezer Gonzalez

Sep 9, 2017

May you receive strength and courage in the name of our Lord also!

Iris Misquitta

Sep 9, 2017

I am a Catholic,born in Mumbai,India. Our ancestors were non-Christians but,were converted to Christianity by the ,French,British,Spanish,Portuguese,etc.They built churches in many parts of our country,especially along the coast.This took place centuries ago! As time passed by,many more people accepted Jesus as their Saviour! They saw the good work that,was being done by the missionaries and began,to spread His Word.I pray that,Jesus blesses them for their good work and,gives them,the strength and courage to continue His good work!

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