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Jun 11, 2018 1722

dreamer Unlimited Be a Dreamer

Here comes that dreamer! (Genesis 37:19, NIV).

Joseph was a dreamer. He was teased about it. He was bullied. He was almost killed by his brothers because of it. He spent years as a slave, and then in prison.

Much good dreams were! And what kind of dreams were they? Dreams of a glorious future.

And in the end, they all came true.

I think of another Dreamer. They killed him, you know. When you forget how to dream, you kill the dreamers. Dreamers are inconvenient. They are the martyrs who remind us all of what we could be and should be. The dreamers are the ones who sow the world with hope.

That Friday and Saturday night the whole earth dreamt, groaning indignantly at the secret it held. But there was no one to notice. Had everyone forgotten how to dream?

But the next morning – it was a Sunday – the world changed forever. In one single explosion of glory, all the dreams of good that had ever been dreamt peeked in on the world with the rising sun, and said hello.

The Dreamer returned, and all our dreams came true. The dreamers became the realists, and the realists became the fools. – Eliezer Gonzalez

Eli’s Reflection: What are the good dreams you have (or had)? Write them down and commit them to God. In Christ they will come true, even better than you can dream yourself.

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