Unlimited: Be Salty!

Aug 27, 2019 1780

You are the salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13, NIV).

When’s the last time you ate something and said, “Oh good, there’s salt in this food”? We often take it for granted, yet in a way, it’s salt that makes food worth eating.

It’s the same thing with Christians in the world. Jesus has put Christians in this world so that we can give life a wonderful flavour! Jesus said that he came so that we could have abundant life. That doesn’t mean a boring life. It means the best of life: fulfilling, vibrant, and joyful life.

That’s why followers of Jesus are called to “live salty”. We are called to put the zing into life wherever we go. Salt that stays in the packet doesn’t do anyone any good. You have to be part of the hustle and bustle of the world, relating and interacting with people everywhere.

When it comes to salt, it’s God who does the sprinkling, but it’s your job to do the mingling. Wherever you are, you have to be mixed in with the world, making this world a better place, because that’s what salt does (John 17:14–15).

For Christians to huddle together in churches, or live in communes, away from the world, is precisely what God doesn’t want. It just concentrates the salt, and you know what happens when there’s too much salt! Yuck!

– Eliezer Gonzalez

Eli’s Reflection: The world can be an unsavoury place. The reason why God has put you in the world is so that you will make everything you come into contact with special: deliciously sharing the flavour of heaven. Is that what you’re doing in your life? Is that how your friends would describe you?


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Aug 27, 2019

thank you very much Mr. Eliezer ,, well I will be in the group you are referring to but I don't really understand which group I should be involved in because there are many groups that Mr. Eliezer leads

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