Unlimited: Every Part of You

Oct 19, 2022 766

Unlimited: Every Part of You

and offer every part of yourself to him as an instrument of righteousness (Romans 6:13b).

We can either allow ourselves to be used as a tool of wickedness or a tool of righteousness. The contrast here is between offering “any part of ourselves to sin” and offering “every part of yourself” to God.

God doesn’t deal in half measures. While the devil wants any part of you that he can get, so he can get a foothold in your life, God wants all of you, to preserve you from suffering and evil.

Paul is continuing to focus on the word “offer”, which in the original language is closely related to the sacrificial system of the temple. When a person brought a lamb to be sacrificed, they gave all of it. All of it was consumed by the fire on the altar.

Offer every part of yourself to God.

In the same way, our lives are to be consumed in the cause of the righteousness of God: not our own righteousness but his own saving righteousness, which has been revealed to us through Jesus Christ. In other words, every part of our lives is to be completely devoted to the cause of the Gospel.

It isn’t enough to not do wickedness. God calls on us to actively be his agents of righteousness in the world. In our family, community, and civic relationships we are to show the love, compassion, and justice of our God.

Spiritual Application

The apostle Paul is here calling us to total commitment in this life to the righteousness of Christ, through which we have been saved. Find a peaceful place in nature and take a prayer walk. As you walk, ask the Lord to show you an area in your life in which you can increase your commitment to him.

Eliezer Gonzalez

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Titus Agwalba

Oct 19, 2022

Thank you for sharing the message of hope and salvation to us and with us. God bless you.

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