Unlimited: Exchanging the Glory of God

Apr 25, 2022 1217

Unlimited: Exchanging the Glory of God

…and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles (Romans 1:23).

What the apostle Paul is saying here is that humanity has defrauded itself. Instead of seeking and being satisfied by the glory of God, it has sought to be satisfied with images made to look like the creatures. Humanity has exchanged its pursuit of God’s glory with its pursuit of the things of this world.

We become like that which we worship. Notice how humanity progressively debases itself when it pursues the things of the world. We focus on birds, four-footed beasts, and then creeping things – lower and lower.

In our modern world, we have a new form of paganism, in which we pursue and worship more abstract idols, such as wealth, power, and celebrity. These are abstract “images”; things humanity has created to reflect its own supposed greatness.

There is nothing on earth which can compare to the glory of God.

The reason why it is so easy to exchange the glory of God for earthly things is that we choose to live by sight and not by faith. We value things according to our five senses, and not their spiritual worth.

But there is nothing on this earth which can compare to the glory of the immortal God.

God challenges us here to go to the source Himself and not accept the cheap counterfeits. God calls us to not be satisfied with anything less than what is the best.

Spiritual Application

God wants to give you the glory of the immortal God. What are the things that you are tempted to replace it with in your life? Surrender them to God.

Eliezer Gonzalez

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