Unlimited: Giving is Not Just for Christmas

Dec 24, 2021 779

Unlimited: Giving is Not Just for Christmas

We know how much God loves us, and we have put our trust in his love. God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them. (1 John 4:16, NLT).

It happens, especially if you’re tired. I mean that moment of semi-panic on the eve of Christmas when you think of all the gifts left to buy, and all the cards not sent! It takes energy to plan and do good things, and energy is often sadly lacking, even for the saints.

At times, we might even be tempted to murmur like Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, “Bah, humbug!” But we don’t mean it. In our heart of hearts, we know that as long as we are receiving, it is good and right (and a privilege) also to be giving.

Giving does not get us to heaven, but it does bring heaven down to us.

Giving brings heaven down to us.

God is the greatest giver. To give is to be like God, for giving is loving, and God is love. “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love” (1 John 4:8).

The main gift God offers to all, this Christmas season, is the everlasting Gospel, the good news of heaven’s willing bankruptcy of itself that we might live. That gift received brings with it all other gifts, including the gift of learning to become givers. – Des Ford (adapted)

Reflection: Christmas is all about the Gospel: how God gave everything to us in Jesus Christ, so that we may have eternal life. Make sure you remind your family of that this Christmas.

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