Unlimited: Jesus Has Announced the Winning Score

Jan 3, 2017 1054

It is Finished (John 19:30).

I’ve watched enough sport to know that until the final whistle blows, you can’t know what the final score will be. And some games are so dramatic that only an amazing comeback can ensure victory.

Life’s like that as well. There are times when you can feel like such a loser, that it can seem like there’s no comeback possible, and no hope.

What’s so good about the Gospel is that the umpire who is never wrong is Jesus. And at the Cross, Jesus has already announced the score of your salvation: God: 1, the Devil: 0.

Jesus blew the final whistle when He announced, “It is finished” (John 19:30).  And His resurrection sealed the deal. It was the greatest comeback in history!

You and I can kick or throw the ball all we like, but we won’t change the score that Jesus achieved. It’s a winning score!

We can accept that winning score Jesus achieved for us, or we can try to work out our own. But if we try to work it out on our own, we will always lose.

The greatest struggle we will have in our Christian lives will be to recognise that if we have accepted Jesus, then the work for our salvation is finished. Our peace and joy depends on this. – Eliezer Gonzalez

Eli’s Reflection: Think of someone who is struggling and who needs to hear this good news. Share it with them today; or if that’s not possible, in the next few days.

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