Unlimited: Jesus Teaches You to Forgive

Feb 27, 2017 1273

Jesus Teaches You to Forgive

Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing (Luke 23:34).

“Father, forgive them.” We do not begin to live until we shut the door on the past through forgiveness. And no one lives properly until they have experienced forgiveness themselves. Fortunately, it’s not hard to know when we have received forgiveness ourselves. Just as you can’t give money to someone else until you have received it yourself, so you cannot give forgiveness to anyone else until you have received it yourself.

If you are unable to forgive someone who has sinned against you, it is because you haven’t received forgiveness yourself. And if you aren’t forgiven, then you aren’t saved (Matthew 6:14–15). Forgiveness is a bridge that we must all pass over to enter the kingdom of God.

Every relationship in life calls for forgiveness. There are no perfect wives, perfect husbands, or perfect children. There are no perfect employers or perfect employees. And there are no perfect friends or neighbours. For this reason, forgiveness must be the very essence of our relationships with others. It must be as natural as breathing. – Des Ford

Eli’s Reflection: Sit down in a quiet place and think of someone who has wronged you and whom you need to forgive, whether or not they have asked for forgiveness or want to be forgiven. Ask God to give you his forgiveness so that you can forgive that person. And then, as God puts it into your heart and shows you how to do it, tell that person in an appropriate way that you love them, appreciate them, and have forgiven them.

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