Unlimited: My Conscience Confirms

Feb 23, 2023 587

Unlimited: My Conscience Confirms

I speak the truth in Christ—I am not lying, my conscience confirms it through the Holy Spirit (Romans 9:1).

Having finished the previous section of his letter with a gloriously triumphant affirmation of the victory of God’s love for us, the apostle now turns his focus to something that causes him great sorrow and anguish. We live in the awareness of our victory in Christ, yet still our troubles can oppress us.

We all want to speak the truth, but how do we know that it is the truth “in Christ” and that we are not simply speaking out of our own selfishness? Paul tells us that he knows that this is true through the confirmation of the Holy Spirit to his conscience.

How can we listen to the voice of our conscience? Only the Holy Spirit can help us to hear our true inner voice.

How can we listen to the voice of our conscience? Many people have actually hardened themselves against their conscience for the sake of being accepted by others, or by thinking that it is represents weakness. Our conscience is also often silenced through the many internal barriers that we set up to protect ourselves from pain and suffering that we may have undergone in the past. Our upbringing, education, culture, and even sometimes our religion can work against our conscience.

What we most need is self-awareness. As the apostle Paul tells us, only the Holy Spirit can help us to hear our true inner voice.

Spiritual Application

The reality is that it takes time, and it is difficult, and even painful, to confront the reality of who you really are. Yet it is an ultimately rewarding journey. Are you prepared to embark on it? Will you start today?

Eliezer Gonzalez

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Lucy gondwe

Feb 23, 2023

Mostly our inner voice tell us what is really supposed to be done , but we tend to ignore it


Feb 23, 2023

Yes, our conscious indicate the reality of ourselves. May God help us work effectively towards His kingdom in an efficient way. To God be the glory

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