Unlimited: Parables of Love

Mar 5, 2018 1293

Unlimited: Parables of Love

He said to his servants, ‘Go out to the street corners and invite everyone you see.’ So the servants brought in everyone they could find, good and bad alike (Matthew 22:8–10, NLT).

Matthew 21:28 to 22:22 present three parables that Jesus told the priests in the temple. While they are stern, they are filled with love.

The first of the three parables assures us that the doors of heaven are open to even the most fallen who are penitent. The second tells of the love of God in sending his only Son, his beloved, and how he is cruelly killed.

Having assured us that heaven is open to all who repent, and having shown that there are those who accept it and those who reject it, now Jesus tells a third story, of a great invitation. This is the story of a great supper, a marriage for the king’s son. What a supper! All expenses are paid by the king. Those invited need only bring a good appetite—not food or merit, and there is no preparation needed. Anyone can come!. And because the guests could never afford the wedding garment, the king provides that was well!

How strange that foolish men and women should reject the invitation to the greatest party in the history of the world—the gospel feast with its forgiveness of sins, its provision of the indwelling Christ, indemnity in the judgment, and a blessed immortality! – Des Ford

Eli’s Reflection: Prayerfully read the three parables in Matthew 21:28 – 22:22. What new thing can you learn about the love of God each of these three parables? 

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