Unlimited: The Law and the Prophets

Jun 15, 2022 1062

Unlimited: The Law and the Prophets

to which the Law and the Prophets testify (Romans 3:21(b).

The apostle Paul has just said that now, through the coming of Jesus into the world, the righteousness of God has been revealed “apart from the law.” His Jewish hearers would immediately protest that this was against the Word of God (i.e. the Old Testament). Paul anticipates that objection and states that the “Law and the Prophets” actually testify to this revelation of the righteousness of God through this new means.

In this succinct phrase, the apostle Paul gives us the key to reading and understanding the Old Testament. It all pointed to the Gospel. It all pointed to Christ.

The Law and the Prophets all pointed to Christ.

This is the key which Christ provided to the two disciples he met on the road to Emmaus, when,

He said to them, “This is what I told you while I was still with you: Everything must be fulfilled that is written about me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms.” (Luke 24:44).

You must learn to read the Old Testament through the lenses of the New. To read the Old Testament independently of the New, or to read the New Testament through the lenses of the Old, will mean that you will inevitably lose your way.

The Word of God will open up to the one who reads it to seek and to find Jesus in its pages.

Spiritual Application

Have you discovered the joy of reading all of Scripture with the purpose of finding Jesus in it? If you haven’t, pursue that goal.

Eliezer Gonzalez

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