Unlimited: The Whole Creation Groans

Jan 23, 2023 591

Unlimited: The Whole Creation Groans

We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time (Romans 8:22).

It is right to say, “Jesus loves me” and that “Jesus died for me.” It is even right to say that “If I had been the only one, Jesus would have died for me.” However it is wrong to so focus on “me” that you lose sight of the far greater and broader purpose and victory of the Cross. We must be careful when talking about the Cross to make Christ the centre, and not ourselves.

The reality is that the whole of creation is groaning. Paul envisages the period of this groaning to be from the Cross to “the present time.”

The whole of creation is groaning.

For Paul, time is divided into fundamentally two ages. The Cross is the dawning of a new age for the world: the Messianic age which would replace the present age. There is a time of transition between the two ages: the turning of the ages. This time lasts from the resurrection of Christ until his return in glory.

The image which Paul uses here is that of a woman groaning in childbirth. So too, all of creation is groaning until the revelation of the new age of Christ, which has been made possible by the Cross.

Spiritual Application

We all suffer, to some extent or another. Our suffering in this world can be seen as a small part of the groaning of creation. It may be painful, but like childbirth, it will ultimately have a wonderful ending. Find a quiet place and ask God for the grace to endure joyfully and to keep your eyes on Jesus.

Eliezer Gonzalez

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Eliezer Gonzalez

Jan 27, 2023

Hello Thian - It is not only we who suffer as individuals, but all of creation. It is not only us as individuals for whom Jesus died, but he died to "reconcile all things" and to restore all things to love, righteousness, and unity. Often, our modern understanding of religion is too "me-centred." I hope that helps. - Grace and Peace, Eliezer

Carolyn Adams

Jan 25, 2023

Thank you for Daily bread I will donate as soon as possible on fix income things are tight.

Thian Boon Cheow Thian

Jan 23, 2023

I am confused with your explanation of Romans 8:22. Can you simplify or give example of what you are trying to bring across

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