Unlimited: True and Proper Worship

Jun 30, 2023 608

Unlimited: True and Proper Worship

this is your true and proper worship (Romans 12:1c).

The Greek word that Paul uses to describe the offering of ourselves to God is “logikos.” This is where our English word “logical” comes from. That’s why some versions translate this as your “reasonable worship” or “rational worship.” In other words, Paul is saying that to fail to respond to the Gospel in this way is essentially “insanity.”

The word that Paul uses for “worship” here specifically refers to the service to God that the priests did in the temple. Paul considered that the Gospel, and our spiritual response to it, had fulfilled and replaced the rituals and ceremonies that the Lord had given Israel in the Old Testament.

True worship is the worship of the everyday.

More than this, the true nature of worship has now been revealed. We may choose to worship at certain places, like churches; or at certain times, like one day a week; or in a specific way, like following worship rituals and traditions. However, all of these things, while they may be good, are not really the essence of what worship is.

True New Testament worship is when you have a deep awareness of God’s presence, and you surrender to him, in whatever your daily activities may be. True worship is the worship of the everyday. Worshipping while you sweep the floor is just as holy as in a church.

Spiritual Application

This all comes about because you know that Christ has purchased all of you, and has reconciled all things to God. Now, the only logical way to live is to live a life of worship. Do you live a life of worship, or do you only worship at specific times?

Eliezer Gonzalez

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Olivia Jeter

Jul 2, 2023

I truly must say that I live a life of worship everyday 🙏 first giving God the praise and worship his Almighty name amen.

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