Unlimited: Walk on Water Today

Sep 20, 2019 2893

Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water, and came toward Jesus (Matthew 14: 29, NIV).

Walking on water means to get on top of the things that drag you down. It means to get through the storms of life. It means to do the impossible.

Peter is the only person who has ever literally walked on water. When he saw Jesus coming to him through the darkness and the waves, he called out,

“Lord, if it’s you… tell me to come to you on the water.”

“Come,” he said (Matthew 14:28–29, NIV).

Peter knew that if the Lord called him to walk on water, that he would ultimately be safe. He knew that God’s every call is an empowerment, and his every command is a promise. Jesus did call him, and so Peter got out of the boat and walked on water (verse 29).

How many people have missed out on the most exhilarating moments of their lives because they refused to answer God’s call? But you only get to walk on water when you obey. You don’t get to experience the exhilarating joy of the Kingdom of God by staying in the boat.

Think about the challenges that you are facing. Are you trusting in the Lord to walk on water right now?

Eventually, Peter learnt to completely trust in Jesus. And so, must we. Don’t wait. Walk on water today.

– Eliezer Gonzalez (Inspired by Ritchie Way)

Eli’s Reflection: What is one situation that you are facing right now that seems impossible? We all have them, so I’m sure you do too. The Lord Jesus is saying to you, “Come, step out of the boat and you’ll be fine.” Only you can truly know what that means in the circumstances of your life. The question is: Will you trust him?

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Hephzibah Woisso

Sep 22, 2019

God told you that I'm pass through difficultlies in my marriage. I am discouraged because of a bad relationship with my wife because of economic crisis I face in this time. By this devotion I'm healed. Be blessed my spiritual mentor. Hephzibah Woisso from Tanzania.

Souhir Rekik

Sep 21, 2019

Currently I have many issues with my life, health issues are the worst, I feel like loosing hope, I need you my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to continue struggling with this life that I've never loved, Please don't let me down, I love you.


Sep 20, 2019

I trust you GOD ,I surrender my heart,my mind and my soul,fill me up with your peace. I need your prayers.

Abreham Yohannes

Sep 20, 2019

I am new for this group, but i tried to read some comments and its initiated me to join the group! When i come to my turn, I have been a strong and passionate christian but now my status doesn't show that. i am so depressed and facing many challenge in my life! So, now i your help praying for me! Thank you so much


Sep 20, 2019

I surrender all. I surrender all! All to thee my blessed savior-l surrender all. Read psalm 23


Sep 20, 2019

I am currently without a job for two years with a family of five that depend on me. We are in the stage of selling our house to stop it from being reposessed. Please pray for me for a solution in my storm


Sep 20, 2019

For now, i am in the category full of Discouragement, full of circumstances, full of doubts, sorrows and pain. But, I know My God, Jesus Christ help me to get back in his arms and I believe that. I TRUST Him and I surrender my heart,my mind and soul to him. I need more prayers now to restore myself again, to Worship my God, Jesus Christ.

Tui Veao

Sep 20, 2019

I have a situation with my finances.

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