Visiting Pastors Bring Gifts to Nandiwada Children – India

Apr 26, 2017 1658

The children of Nandiwada are excited to receive their gifts.

The children of Nandiwada are excited to receive their gifts.

The Good News Children’s Care Centre in Nandiwada, India, recently hosted a special birthday celebration. Pastors and church members travelled over 350km from Hyderabad to Nandiwada to visit, pray and share gifts with the “untouchable” community.

Pr Joseph was at a Pastors’ Conference when he first met Pr John and Pr Samuel, who have been watching the GNU TV programme. Interested to meet the host of the show, they started talking with Pr Joseph, who gave them copies of Jesus Only. He also told them about the Good News Children’s Care Centre and how they built it in Nandiwada, a community where many families are so impoverished that the children had to sleep without bedding. They learned about how they educate the children and teach them about Jesus, and where possible, care for their needy families. Touched by what they heard, the pastors decided they wanted to do something to help.

So Pr John and Pr Samuel, as well as several church members, travelled from their home in Hyderabad to visit the village of Nandiwada. A member of their party was Morgan, a boy from Hyderabad who was having a birthday. As a celebration of Morgan’s birthday, they held a lunch at the children’s centre, having a prayer meeting at the same time.

Although it was Morgan’s birthday, he didn’t receive any gifts. Instead, those from Hyderabad gave bed sheets to the children of Nandiwada, gifts that were much more needed than anything Morgan could receive. They are glad that they could do what they could to help this “untouchable” community.

The celebration brought nearly 100 people to the meeting. The children from the centre were there and many Christians from the community came. There were also many Hindu locals who turned up, intrigued by the event and the visitors.

Ananda Rao, a Nandiwada resident who was at the celebration, says,

At the Good News Children’s Care Centre wonderful work has been done and it is a very good service. Small children have come to know about Jesus and they have been learning about the holy Bible. So all my family members are so impressed and touched by these services and everything.

I am so happy about the birthday celebration here and the gifts from the visitors in the name of the Gospel. I have read Jesus Only and watch the weekly GNU programme. Thanks to Jesus for everything.

– Ella Rodionoff

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Eliezer Gonzalez

Sep 4, 2017

Thanks Colleen! You are a blessing!


Sep 4, 2017

Upholding this community in prayer.May Our Heavenly richly Bless you all. Thank you Jesus Amen

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