We Are One Body but We Are Many – by Bilyana De Soto

May 25, 2016 2518


We all fall short of the glory of God – “all we like sheep have gone astray”.  Just like there are no perfect humans, there are no 100 percent churches that have the monopoly on the mind of Christ and have it ALL together.  Indeed, all who look for perfect churches or denominations with perfect doctrines, can and often do become perfectly disappointed and walk away from Christ and Christianity altogether.

With so many bidding for our soul, who do we trust our eternity to? Jesus says, “I am the truth and the way and none comes to the Father except by me”. Now when you listen to the creeds and the preaching of so many denominations, it soon becomes apparent that rather than believing these very clear words of Jesus, they believe in being Jesus’ self-appointed translators and interpreters – suggesting that what He REALLY meant was join OUR group if you want to know what Jesus meant. “I am the way” quickly becomes our church is the way.

Mistakenly denominations exchange Christ as the Head of the Church and the Head of the Body of Christ, with Christ plus this doctrine, Christ plus the way we do things, Christ plus any number of essential conditions for salvation.  In other words, these churches believe that to them and them alone, Christ gave the keys of heaven and the abyss.

This simply isn’t the Gospel.  Christ invites us to relate to Him as the Head of the Church and to hinge our eternity on no other creed than 100% of grace through faith in Jesus.  What a sigh of relief!  It’s when we look for a perfect Saviour that we find Jesus Christ.  All those who base their faith and salvation on this rock and this cornerstone, become part of the body of Christ or His Church – the one where gratitude replaces that better than thou attitude. Not a matter of trusting a church or a creed, but in New Testament terms – fully completely and always trusting Jesus Christ.

True Christian churches and denominations have the freedom of diversity in non-essential doctrines.  They know they are only one part of the Church of God and only one part of the unifying body of Christ.

– Bilyana De Soto


Jun 14, 2018

AMEN Thank you and God Bless this ministry:)

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