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Feb 2, 2017 2465

The Dreamer

Joseph was a dreamer. He was teased about it. He was bullied. Eventually he was almost killed because of it. He was thrown into a deep pit while his brothers decided how best to kill him. Only some quick thinking, by one of his brothers, saved him.

Even so, Joseph’s dreams landed him in Egypt, where he spent many years as a slave, and then some more years in a dungeon, with no reasonable hope of ever being released. Who was going to remember Joseph?

Much good dreams were! And what kind of dreams were they? Dreams of a glorious future. And in the end, they all came true.

I think of another dreamer who came a long time later. He was a carpenter from a non-descript little town called Nazareth. I wonder what his dreams were like in his little room behind the workshop? He spoke about his dreams, you know: about a world in which everyone was a neighbor, a world without oppression, a world of kindness, in which men and women loved one another like family, a world where all would dance like children in the sun, soaking in the love of their heavenly Father.

Just a dreamer.

They killed him, you know. Inconvenient. Because the dreamers are the martyrs who remind us all of what we could be – should be – and who sow the world with hope.

And that Friday and Saturday night the whole world dreamt, groaning as if with indigestion at something that should never have been placed in its core. But there was no one to notice. In their sadness, people had forgotten how to dream.

But the next morning – it was a Sunday – the world changed forever. In one single explosion of glory, all the dreams of good that had ever been dreamt peeked in on the world with the rising sun, and said hello. The dreamer returned, and it all came true. The dreamers became the realists, and the realists became the fools.

“Here comes that dreamer!” (Gen 37:19)

they said of Joseph.

Thank God, he’s come, I say of Christ.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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