What is Christianity About? – by Desmond Ford

Nov 12, 2015 1698

Helping a friend in need

Christianity is about forgiveness.

Let’s not tell the world otherwise; let’s not tell the world it means going to the Methodist church, the Anglican church, the Baptist church, any other church. Yes, you should worship, don’t forsake it but that is not Christianity.

Let’s not tell them it is singing hymns, saying prayers, and reading the Bible. Yes, all those things we should do but that is not Christianity.

Christianity is about the forgiveness of sins. That is what it is about. And when we have experienced that the rest will follow automatically.

We will worship together with our brothers and sisters who have been forgiven, who walk humbly because they are forgiven sinners and we will love to study the word of grace and we cannot help but overflow in talking to God. We will do it as we walk by the way, as we lie down to rest, when we can’t sleep at night, when we are waiting in a line at the supermarket.

It will be spontaneous to overflow with praise and then, dear friend, God will make us like John the Baptist. They came out to see him. He did not have to go up and down all the avenues, the cities and villages of Judea. He was a bright and shining light and people came out to see him burn. And when you and I are what we should be, the people will come to us and they will say, “Tell us how to live,” and we will tell them.

From the soul that feels its nothingness, nothing is withheld, but cursed are ye rich, cursed are ye self-satisfied.

The thing that has never ceased to humiliate me (among many things) is the well-known statement from C.S. Lewis, “There is no greater sign of a confirmed pride than to think you are humble enough.”

How many of you feel you are humble enough? If we are honest, many of us would have to say yes, and I would be among you, even though I would be lying. There is no greater sign of a confirmed pride than to think we are humble enough.

So we are slaves to pride, to selfishness, and a million other things. Our slavery is never broken until we see the meaning of the cross.

– Des Ford. Rom 8:27–32. Adapted from, “The News That Shook The World – Part 2.”

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