What is Salvation?

Dec 14, 2015 3294

If you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved (Romans 10:9).

We should carefully distinguish between salvation and “the things which accompany salvation” (Hebrews 6:9). The experience of being united to Christ by that faith which is essentially trust, is salvation. All other good things merely accompany that primary relationship.

Religion is not primarily church-going or hymn-singing or missionary work though all these may “accompany” it. Religion is a oneness between the sinner and the Savior. The Scripture saith, “Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed” (Romans 10:11). First, observe the “him.” We believe not primarily in a church or a doctrine but a Person.

Second, observe the “whosoever” of this passage. Whatever your past, whatever your besetting sin or sins, whatever your difficulties – whosoever you are, salvation is yours by trusting Jesus Christ. You have eternal life the moment you believe (John 5:24). You are already counted as being in the heavenly places with the redeemed (Ephesians 2:6). Christ’s life and death is put to your account (Rom 5:13,19 and 2 Cor 5:21). “There is now no condemnation” (Romans 8:1).

Christ’s atoning work and our taking hold of it by the empty hand of faith accomplishes salvation. Faith is not a work, but the simple acceptance of a gift. Breathing does not of itself create life, but makes life possible. Similarly with eating and drinking. Faith is but spiritual breathing and drinking and eating. It is the grateful embracing of Christ’s work.

– Des Ford. Rom 8:27–32 (From “Questions and Answers”)

Eliezer Gonzalez

Sep 23, 2018

Hello Tiger. Yes, Christ's atoning work has been done: "It is finished." However, it is wrong to say that it has nothing to do with the present. It has everything to do with the present. We only have life through the Spirit because of it. I think I know where you're coming from, however the Bible knows nothing of "Christ's atoning work by Christ in the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary right now." We have been reconciled with God through Christ's finished work on the Cross. This is the focal point of the message of the New Testament. – Eliezer

Tiger Suason

Sep 22, 2018

Christ atoning work of the past (at the cross) and nothing to do in the present? Christ atoning work in the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary right now orctoday?

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