Who Are Your Brothers and Sisters?

Mar 6, 2017 2450

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Who Are Your Brothers and Sisters?

In some countries I’ve visited, I’ve noticed really high fences around the houses, sometimes even with barbed wire along the top. I’m glad we don’t have that in Australia, but I guess there’s very good reasons for that in some parts of the world.

Wherever we are, we all have this natural human tendency to build walls and look after our own.

But Jesus taught that in the Kingdom life, it mustn’t be like that.

For those who have entered the family of God, Jesus taught that everyone is your neighbour. We all share a common humanity and a common need. Jesus broke down all those walls that we build up between people. In fact, the criteria for being a true follower of Jesus is not how well you follow rules, or understand the Bible. The criteria is how much you love others – and especially people who are different to you. The love of Jesus is our ultimate example.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Who Are Your Brothers and Sisters?

Everyone are your brothers and sisters.

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