Working Together To Spread the Gospel: A Pastor’s Story

Jan 8, 2019 2269

Working Together To Spread the Gospel: A Pastor’s Story

Pr Norman is an eager missionary and a charismatic speaker, with a love for sharing the Gospel.

The true Gospel of Christ is unlimited to every soul. It cannot be restrained, and even when human beings choose not to speak up, God himself will have his way. When it falls in the ears of those who truly seek it, it stirs hearts and brings about unprecedented conversions. Although the world has seen an excess of Gospel versions, the true Gospel still reigns high and mighty. Such is the testimony coming from Pr Norman Chisunka, a young pastor-in-training from Zambia, Africa, who, after discovering the true Gospel from the GNU Website, began preaching it whenever he got a chance to do so.

Pr Norman is a second-year student pursuing a degree in Theology. One year ago, God’s providence brought him and GNU together, through my ministry in Uganda. Shortly afterwards, our hearts were knitted together by our common passion for ministry. I began discussing the Gospel with the Zambian pastor and within a short period of time we began making plans of working together.

Together we have preached in more than 10 high schools and colleges around Kampala, Uganda, as well as in several churches. Since Pr Norman’s hunger for knowledge seemed immense, I introduced him to the GNU website where sometimes he spends hours devouring the blogs and teachings of the ministry. He was also issued with a copy of the book Jesus Only by Des Ford to read.

Consequently, the young and charismatic minister from Zambia became a frequent reader of the weekly GNU blogs, which he reads voraciously, always drawing insights both for his sermons and personal meditation from them. He also became a regular borrower of books, which I was glad to lend. Sometimes he would grab blogs from my writing desk and request permission to preach them whenever he got invited to minister.


Over 300 students gave their lives to Christ and were baptised


Being an eager missionary and a charismatic speaker, he has so far spoken to several churches in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania during his school holidays. Wherever he goes, he always teaches and preaches from the GNU blogs that he finds on the websites and he always tells me whenever he does so.

In the month of November he received another invitation to preach in one of the prestigious high schools in Uganda. After speaking for a week, the fruits were unbelievable. For the first time in the history of that institution over 300 students gave their lives to Christ and were baptised amidst unspeakable joy at the shores of Lake Victoria. According to Pr Norman “This was my climax of my ministry which I learnt from GNU”.

Afterwards, the school’s administration board decided to appoint him as the school’s chaplain to take care of the students’ spiritual matters. Pr Norman continues with his enquiry about the truth and he has nice words for GNU for the insights provided. He plans to organise what he calls a “Students Spiritual Retreat” next year and he has informed me that GNU will be expected to play a key role in the event.

– Pr Bonifresh Muhollo

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