The Worst Sin in the World – by Des Ford

Feb 6, 2015 2034

Dead EndI should speak in very hushed tones today because I want to talk about the worst sin in the world. The Bible calls it a shameful sin, yet, we are so far gone, fallen humanity, that we consider it perfectly respectable. All worldlings cherish this sin and a significant proportion of the church is guilty of this sin. but nobody is ever excommunicated for it but it can and will excommunicate us from heaven.

What sin do l refer to? Look with me at I Corinthians 15 please and observe a verse there, 34, “Come to your right mind and sin no more for some have no knowledge of God. I speak this to your shame.” The words are very important. He is saying you sin because you don’t know God well enough. He is saying the most shameful thing in the life of any creature is ignorance of the Creator. “Wake up,” he says, “come to your senses; you are guilty of a shameful thing; you don’t know God.” A very learned man by the name of Dr. Williams wrote a book called Glimpses Abroad, surveying humanity, and he wrote this,

Even a casual study of religions and the effects of religion in the lives of people makes one fact very evident: namely, that one’s conception of God is the one supreme factor in molding his thinking, his conceptions, his conclusions, his ethics (or her), his morals, in fact, every phase of his or her life. Everything depends in the final analysis upon one’s conception of God. This is basic, elemental, around it everything revolves.

This man is saying what the Bible also says that the way we treat people, type of steward we are, our happiness and everlasting joy or our sadness, and everlasting loss springs primarily from the view that we have of God.

A Sunday school teacher once asked a boy in her class,

“How do you picture God?”

“Oh,” he said, “like sort of an oblong blur.”

That’s the way a lot of people picture God: as someone wrapped in a white sheet, wearing crown, sitting on a throne but apart from that, just an oblong blur.

The thing that changes lives is when we learn what God is really

like. This is what Romans 2:4 is saying when it says,

The goodness of God leads you to repentance.

– Des Ford. Rom 8:27–32 (From “Workers and Shirkers”)


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