Unlimited: Intended to Laugh

Jul 18, 2021 998

Unlimited: Jesus Invites Us To Laugh

God… has anointed you with the oil of gladness (Hebrews 1:9, NKJV).

We think of our Lord as a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief and thereby we think rightly. We would never find comfort in a man who knew only laughter.

Thus we’re not told about the laughter of Jesus and yet Scripture does say that he was “anointed … with the oil of gladness” (Hebrews 1:9). We should consider the humour implicit in such sayings as: “Why do you see the sawdust in your neighbour’s eye and not the log in your own?” “If the blind lead the blind, shall they not both fall into the ditch?” “They strain out a gnat, and swallow a camel.” The only reason we do not laugh at such Scriptures is because we have a feeling that it would be irreverent. Either that, or we do not dwell upon them with our imagination to perceive all that is intended.

It is good to laugh. We were intended to laugh.

Human beings were intended to laugh. Should we not cultivate the laugh of faith, rejoicing in the assurance that God is good and more than good? He delights in our joy and has made provision that it should be a joy unceasing. Should we not see in the experience of release that comes with laughter an indication of the wellspring of joy that the gospel furnishes? – Des Ford (adapted)

Reflection: What can you do this week to put more laughter in your life? I’m not talking about the kind of laughter that you do in front of the TV, but the kind of laughter that is shared with someone else, and that builds relationships. Plan it and do it.

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