Unlimited: Rest in Jesus

Nov 22, 2019 17212

Unlimited: Rest in Jesus

Come to me, all you who are struggling hard and carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28, CEB).

Recently, I went on a 17-kilometre hike down into a valley and back up again. Going down was easy but going up was another story! I’m not as fit or strong as I used to be! That night, I slept really, really well!

While most days aren’t as physically tough as that, every day we live can be mentally and emotionally tough. Over time, if we are relying only on our own strength, our hearts will wither and die within us.

Jesus knows you. He knows you as a physical being. He knows you as a mental being, and he knows you as a spiritual being. And he knows that you don’t only need rest for your body,  you also need rest for your mind, and especially for your spirit.

This ends when you find your rest in Jesus

Your endless search for identity, acceptance, and love will end when you find your rest in Jesus. You will find your ultimate goal. You will find what you were made for. Striving to be accepted based on your performance will end when you find your rest in Jesus.

That’s why Jesus invites you to come to him. You will still struggle in this life. There will still be loads you have to carry. But all will be possible, and all will be a joy when you are well-rested in Christ.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

Eli’s Reflection: What is the hardest struggle in your life? What is the heaviest load you need to bear? Have you found your rest in Jesus yet? Comment on this post or in the Facebook Group.

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Horeana Marie Robinson

Jan 26, 2024

i need bless, to heal me, keep me live forever.. i am thinking about many thing that i want to


Jan 17, 2024

I cannot go it alone. I have tried. The cross I bear is too hard at times. But God. I am only ever safe in the arms of Jesus. I run to Him. He is my resting place. My only assurance. My pillow. My blanket. My heart.


Oct 31, 2023

I have found rest in Jesus though seems too tough the journey but I thank God for His grace and mercy upon my life and His guide

Maxwell tsegula

Oct 17, 2023

I found rest in Christ yes but when it comes to daily earning it is so hard even struggling to find capital to start running business


Aug 23, 2023

Yes, I have found rest in Jesus. But I find it very difficult to grow spiritually. I want to be more committed to the things of God

Jehunita Freeman

Jan 17, 2023

Yes. It is very interesting, encouraging and makes one feel relieve when you read other people talking about your own feelings, thoughts and actions. Yes there were loads and loads and loafs ( and I guess that I could never finish this with just the times in my life when everything seemed so problematic and I thought it was me who had to make it all alright. It was constantly a struggle. Eventhough I had grown up as " a christian". Being christen as a Baby, but recently I started reading some Bible plans on "You Version" and others and have been understanding that the God that I learned off as a kid is not just "God". He is my own personal Father, and I can depend on Him even much, much. much more than I can ever depend on my earthly Dad. That He has chosen us and to give us a way out He sent Jesus to live, die. rise, and sits at His right hand interceeding for us. Now I believe and trust Him so much that I remind myself all the time to ' tell it to God. He already knows about it and will see you through it; and leave it there. I have been amazed at how different my whole life is. I now have a whole new level of peace that comes from within, that tells me to let it go to my master carer who will sort it out.


Dec 31, 2022

I used to struggle and get worried with the burdens and stresses that could surround my life. But when I realised through the scripture that Jesus is waiting for me to offload me all the burdens I am now free . Thank you for the word of encouragement.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Nov 15, 2022

Hi Gary - I am not sure what you are asking. Can you be more specific with your question, please? - Eliezer Gonzalez

Gary Wade

Nov 14, 2022

Please help me I need help with an explanation of genisis I:26 and 1:27 and 2:21 please please explain this to me as no one I've spoken to gives me a clear explanation I'm trying very hard not to look into other text ( the dead sea scrolls - the book of Enoch and other ancient text that have been discovered ) I like to think and know in myself that the evil one will plant things to cast doubt in the minds of believers . But please explain the audience and meaning of genisis 1 26 and 1 27 and 2 21

Owen Banda

Nov 7, 2022

My biggest struggles are rejection and stagnation. I have so much for people but in the end have not been appreciated. No matter how much I have tried I have failed to get the desired result. I have ended up losing even what I have gained I really want God to help me in these two areas

Peter Sayekwee

Oct 6, 2022

I have been pastoring for years. Your words about scripture keep giving me strength and insight into true happiness. I am being assisted in my ministerial ethics to members. I tell you, your massage is resonating. Thanks for helping daily to transform minds.


Oct 6, 2022

I can only truly find peace and rest in Christ. Since I've been having a lot of difficulty lately with my schoolwork and other things, this served as a good reminder that everything is possible if I have Christ and am rested in Him.

Ian Jhon Binos

Sep 15, 2022

One of this days I have struggled financial problem., I had to worried 24/7 the stress and the anxiety I was being chased by bills and credits and the allowances I have work a lot but it was not enough to pay all those. I was carrying in the present time. The pressured of the world is quite heavy , my mind was literally bloated by those negative thoughts, stress and so much more. I was praying hard that I will wake up that I will be okay and smiling genuinely . God save me from this problem I know it is quite hard , but I am trusting and surrendering all my worries to you Lord God. Amen.

Jimmy Hanson Riunga

Apr 10, 2022

There's no other place to find real eternal rest apart from Jesus. He is the Prince of peace and those who come to him with their loads o anxiety to them he gives them peace that no one else could give. He is God and he is immutable. Therefore he will never fail his own promises. He is faithful to his own promises and those who take his words and abide in him will find true peace within. I thank God for the gift of his son. I find it hard to leave without him. He is my peace. He is my everything. Thank you God, Jesus is Lord.

Benard Ouma

Mar 12, 2022

An inspiration article. I'm struggling to mould the characters of my sons. It's not very easy with the digital generation but by resting the load on Jesus shoulder all will be well.


Dec 31, 2021

Nice article. Now I am getting older and the body life becomes more and more of a burden, I am encouraged by 2 Cor. 4:16 that God compensates the decay of the outer man by the inner man being renewed form day to day. To me, my deepest identity is found in 1 Cor. 6:17. This verse defines the new man where my I, my ego, is a united ego in spirit. The longer I am a Christian, more and more it becomes inner where He "has become to me" (1 Cor. 1:30). This makes Christ so precious to me.

Essienubong Etuk

Dec 26, 2021

Merry Christmas in the name of Jesus Christ. I find the site being inspirational. Thanks so much.

Okurut Martin

Sep 17, 2021

Experience is the best teacher. Some times we go through strungles helplessly and hopelessly in a manner to overcome excruciating hardships but rather in the same manner we end up in tears and regrets but the only hope is Jesus wants to help us to carry our burdens, to relieve us from anxieties and the pains that we bear . I like the connotation of the message.

Okurut Martin

Sep 17, 2021

Experience is the best teacher. Some times we go through strungles helplessly and hopelessly in a manner to overcome excruciating hardships but rather in the same manner we end up in tears and regrets but the only hope is Jesus wants to help to carry our burdens, to relieve us from anxieties and the pains that we bear . Thanks Doctor, I like the connotation of the message.

Robert Alexandre

Aug 13, 2021

His__ Love_ I don't even know where to begin here . There is a lot about love in the Bible and much of it is most perfectly displayed in the Son of God ,Jesus Christ. The Apostle John 13:21-30 John 18:15-18 John19:26-27)and love later wrote that . we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love,and whoever abides in love abides in God and God abides in him 1st John 4:16)but John doesn't describe love as a feeling but ,"the love of God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him"(1st John 4:9)The love of God was displayed, on by words,but by action at the cross.

John Glorious Yao Attipoe (Glorious Attipoe)

Aug 9, 2021

I need the Holy Spirit

luz springfield

Nov 28, 2019

I need Jesus to take away my anxiety and depression..to heal me..and to thank him for my blessings//Amen


Nov 22, 2019

All ti thee my blessed Savior ! I surrender all. He tells me what I ought to do, he tells me how to try and so we work together, my Lord and l.

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